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The Quality of China-Arab States Science and Technology Forum (Chinese and English) Published by CASTTC Has Improved

Source:original Time:2020-05-29 Author:Han Xiaozhou Hits:3067

    As the unique bilingual journal in Ningxia approved by the National Press and Publication Administration, the China-Arab States Science and Technology Forum (Chinese and English) has been carefully developed since 2017. The academic quality and standardization of journals have been significantly improved by standardizing the process of editing and reviewing manus, applying information-based submission and review systems, strengthening the training of editors, and improving the quality of manus sources. The first is to strictly implement the system of “reviewing and proofreading for three times”. A manu review system needs to be established, in which editors, editorial directors and chief editors are responsible for the examination, review and final examination of manus respectively. The second is the application of information-based submission and review system. By utilizing the China-Arab States Technology Transfer Comprehensive Information Service Platform, the editorial department has established and improved an online manu submission and reviewing system, which facilitates manu solicitation and review, and lays a foundation for improving the efficiency and quality of running journals. The third is to pay attention to the improvement of the ability of editors. The editorial department organizes and participates special training and academic activities more than twice a year to keep abreast of the trends of domestic and foreign sci-tech journals, constantly improve the level of editing, and pragmatically promote the sustained and healthy development of periodicals. The fourth is to steadily improve the quality of manus. On the one hand, the journal cooperates with CNKI, VTTMS, Chaoxing and other domestic mainstream journal databases, joining the open access platform and expands the scope of downloading and widespread of papers, meanwhile, attracts more authors to actively contribute, and increases the number of papers; on the other hand, it organizes experts such as the editorial board of this journal to review manus strictly to check the quality of papers. In 2019, 245 papers were received, 103 papers were published, and the adoption rate was 42%. The quality of manus has been further improved.