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Ningxia University and Qatar Free Zones Reach an Agreement of US $1.264 Billion

Source:CASTTC Time:2020-08-11 Author:Yin Jingjing Hits:3629

    On the afternoon of August 10, 2020, representatives of three parties including Ningxia University, Qatar NAAAS Holding Group and China New Link (Beijing) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. held an online signing ceremony for cooperation of the Beautiful Doha Project with an investment of about 1.264 billion US dollars. Chen Fang, Deputy General Director of the Science and Technology Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, He Jianguo, President of Ningxia University, Nasser Hassanal-Jabbar, Chairman of Qatar NAAAS Holding Group attended the signing ceremony.
    The signing of the project is the key content of the memorandum on cooperation between the CASTTC and the Qatar Free Zones Authority. The three parties will jointly promote the demonstration and application of green intelligent water-saving irrigation technology and equipment owned by Ningxia University in Qatar. The project involves food production, water-saving afforestation and agriculture, ecological protection and other areas. In his speech, Deputy General Director Chen Fang proposed that the China-Arab States (Qatar) Technology Transfer Center shall be established with Qatar Free Zones, and the Beautiful Doha Project be listed as one of the main projects for bilateral cooperation at initial stage. On this basis, the two sides will jointly promote the implementation of China-Qatar science and technology cooperation projects, and strive to transfer 2-3 technologies every year.
    As COVID-19 takes its toll on international science and technology exchanges, CASTTC has proactively responded and held several online and offline meetings with China New Link (Beijing) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Qatar Free Zones Authority and Ningxia University to promote science and technology cooperation among different parties. On June 23rd, CASTTC coordinated a quadripartite video conference with China New Link (Beijing) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Qatar Free Zones Authority and Ningxia University, where in-depth views were exchanged on the relevant policies, investment environment and cooperation areas for the implementation of Qatar's Beautiful Doha Project and projects relating to food production, water-saving afforestation and agriculture as well as ecological protection. The remarkable results achieved during the video conference has laid a good foundation for the successful signing of the contract.