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Introduction to Training Courses

China is a developing country with large population and poor resources, we believe that it is further more important for us to strengthen cooperation with other developing countries in fields of science, technology and economy in the new century. The cooperation will benefit all the countries concerned to develop their advantages, get rid of poverty, accelerate economic development, bring benefit to people, enhance international competitiveness and risk resisting ability, participate in the process of economic globalization, safeguard economic interests and safety, and elevate the status in North-South dialogue.

Since the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy, China’s science and technology have developed rapidly, many practical technologies are suitable for developing countries and have been accepted by them. I believe if the practical technologies can be promoted and applied in these countries, it will benefit their economic development and upgrade their technological level. In line with the principle of equality and mutual benefit, achievements sharing and intellectual property protection, the Chinese government is willing to introduce the technologies to the counties in need through technical training courses to promote scientific, technological and economic development for both of us.

Details please refer to the official website of technical training courses for developing countries :


Li Ying

China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center & #40;CASTTC& #41;