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Remote Sensing Satellites Based on GaoFen 6
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Industry:Aerospace Satellite navigation
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    GaoFen (GF, meaning “high resolution”) Program is the first developed satellites of China High-resolution Earth Observation System, which symbolizes our remote sensing satellite enters into sub-meter "GF" era. Among them, GF-6 is the latest satellite for China's agricultural application, featuring high spatial resolution, high temporal resolution, wide-coverage, high quality, and high-efficiency imaging.

    Users can not only directly use the wide-format image with 8 bands and 800 kilometers wide in a spatial resolution of 16 meters, but also a high spatial resolution of 2 meters with 4 bands and 90 kilometers wide. At the same time, based on the fusion algorithm developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it can also produce high-quality imaging products with a spatial resolution of 2 meters, 8 bands and 90 kilometers wide. Besides, GF-6 also added two red edge bands that can provide abundant spectral information (i.e., chlorophyll content) for crop classification.

    Compared with Landsat 8 and SENTINEL2, the GF Series has strong competitive: high resolution (2 meters), wide coverage (800 km), and multi-bands (i.e., red edge band, yellow band). GF-6 can also be combined with four GF-1 satellites with a wide field of view imagery (2m), one GF-2 satellite with the highest spatial resolution of 0.8m, one C-band SAR GF-3 with all-weather, and one GF-5 with high hyperspectral.

    China Remote Sensing Satellite Ground Station (RSGS), under the Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has five ground stations built in Miyun, Kashi, Sanya, Kunming and North Pole (Sweden). Global satellite remote sensing data can be accessed efficiently. GF Series is now imaging not only in China's peripheral areas but also in the whole world, especially the “Belt and Road” region, laying a solid foundation for the “Belt and Road” space information corridor.

    GF Series has served a wide range of applications covering many topics. The typical applications include agricultural routines and resource surveys (i.e., crop growth), water resources (i.e., the "one map" of water conservancy), urbanization (i.e., the expansion of built-up areas), and disaster prevention and mitigation.

    The Key Program of Intergovernmental International Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation in 2019 is under the application. We hope that the research institutions of China and Egypt will apply for funding together, and study on the application in space information, crops, and water resources by the Chinese GF Series Satellites based on GF-6.

    This program is planned to support 10 projects with a total of 13 million yuan. The process for applying for the project is as follows:

    1) Find the institutes interested in the same field in our two countries.

    2) Two institutes signed a cooperation agreement.

    3) Individually apply to their own government for the project.

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