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Counter-terrorism Explosive Disposal Robots
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Industry:Equipment manufacturing
Region:China   Liaoning

Project Name: Counter-terrorism Explosive Disposal Robots

Project Owner: Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Project Profile: The “Smart Lizard”series counter-terrorism explosive disposal robots include “Smart Lizard A”, “Smart Lizard B”,“Smart Lizard H”, and “Smart Lizard HW”. Among of them, the “Smart Lizard HW” robot has the highest sales volume. It takes composite mechanism of “wheel–leg –caterpillar band”. According to different operation environment, the robot can switch to band or wheel for moving. So, the robot has perfect capability of cross barrier and fast moving. The mechanical arm adopts modular structure. Based on bus control mode, it is easy to increase or reduce joints. The manipulator can take several kind of tools, such as plier, shears, hook and paw, etc. The robot has perfect high/low temperature resistance, as well as low-grade waterproof, and can wade into water. With inside obliquity sensor, the robot can automatically avoid overturn.



Contact Person: Fang Lingshen

Phone Number: 13840267512

E-mail: lsfang@sia.cn


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