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Xinhua News Agency Gives Full Play to Its Advantage in Multilingual Reports on the China-Arab States Expo 2015

Source: Time:2016-05-18 Author: Hits:9553

As one of the main activities of the Arab Science and Technology Exposition sector, technology transfer-cum-Arab Cooperation Conference Innovation in September 11 opening of the General Assembly will be Arab Technology Transfer Center opening ceremony, start-Arab Science and Technology Partnership Program, and other key projects signed .
In early May this year, the ministry issued an invitation to the Arab League foreign embassies, invited Arab League ministers of Science and Technology, the enterprises and scientists to Ning participants. Subsequently, the Department of International Cooperation Science and Technology Department and the autonomous region has twice organized delegations to visit Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, the five countries invited officials, experts and entrepreneurs to participate in the innovation cooperation of the General Assembly, and to build consensus on bilateral technology transfer center the relevant agreements will be signed during September innovation cooperation Conference.
In the Arab-cum-Technology Transfer Innovation Cooperation Conference on Arab science and technology sector will deliver a keynote speech and dialogue, a number of key scientific and technological cooperation projects will be signed at the conference.
Then the high-tech fair held in Azerbaijan and equipment exhibition, divided into Arab countries and China's industrial, high-tech modern agricultural sector three major exhibition 11 plates. Arab countries have Pavilion Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab League of the Royal Academy of Science and Technology and Maritime Academy exhibition. China's industrial exhibition, the CSR Qingdao Sifang Group, China Power Investment Corporation, China Satellite Global Alliance, Beijing Automotive Group, the British force Group and Zhejiang arrival of wind power companies will showcase our high-speed rail, nuclear energy, aerospace, communications, general aviation, electric vehicles, new energy and other high-tech. Modern agriculture exhibition Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture, China Agricultural University, Zhejiang University and other research institutes and universities 22, west of Green Valley, Beijing Rong Kun, Pu Quan, Ren Chong, more than 30 high-tech agriculture enterprises, China's agricultural show of things, efficient water-saving facilities gardening, landscaping and other ecological management with modern agricultural techniques. By then, there are water-saving technology, dates industry, agriculture and potato fields of Things Technology Transfer Matchmaking.