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Work Together with China Council for the Promotion of International Trade to Promote the Practical Cooperation Between China and Arab States

Source: Time:2016-05-18 Author: Hits:8599

2015 China - Arab Cooperation Forum will be held in publishing Yinchuan 1 to 2 September. The forum, the two sides will publish Arab cooperation in the field of copyright trade, trade and cultural exchanges and cooperation and other products. Up to now, the Forum has invited 22 Arab Publishers Association, a member of the participants, and invited the Malaysian National Language Publication Bureau, the Malaysia University of Science and Technology Press, University Press and other units of the Malaysian public participants.
It is reported that China National Book Arabian copyright information exchange platform - the "Arab Rights Network" will be held during the forum thread, publishers can reach output of various types of cooperation agreements copyright by publishing platform.
During the forum, Chinese contemporary author of the novel series book launching ceremony will be held in Yinchuan, the author of books including Shi Shuqing, a container, check Shun, Ma Jinlian, Li Jinxiang group of Chinese writers and other literary and influential achievements of.
In addition, the forum will be held during the national local publishing trade association annual meeting, domestic publishing units and the Arab publishers copyright agreement signing and other activities.