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Ring the Alarm Bell, Host the Expo with Honesty and Integrity Staff of China-Arab States Expo Receive Warning Education

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Expo 2015 Argentina beef and mutton products and equipment exhibition will be held in Yinchuan International Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall E held September 11, 2015 to 13, when the famous enterprises at home and abroad beef and mutton will Qiju Feng City, jointly beef and mutton industry.
With China's urbanization and rising incomes rising meat consumption continues to grow, especially beef and mutton consumption is growing rapidly. At present, the domestic beef and mutton production capacity far unable to meet market demand. Sponsored by the regional government, Commerce Department and the Bureau of Exposition hosted beef and mutton products and equipment exhibition, the 2015 China - an important exhibition activities of Arab States Expo, is an international, professional exhibition, domestic beef and mutton name companies will strengthen international cooperation in the red meat industry to take this platform to promote the healthy development of the red meat industry.
The exhibition displays about 100 exhibitors, including international exhibitors accounted for about 20% of domestic exhibitors accounted for 80%. Exhibits cover the many varieties of cattle and sheep slaughtering and meat processing equipment.