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2015 China-Arab States Expo Slogan

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As 2015 China - an important part of the agricultural sector in the Arab States Expo - Arab agricultural high-level discussions, which preparatory work is currently being carried out smoothly, the seminar will be a new form to meet with you.
The seminar program in Yinchuan City International Exchange Center held September 11 for a period of one day. The seminar will include keynote speeches and seminars in two parts. Keynote speech will focus on the establishment of China-Arab Cooperation Mechanism of Agricultural Science and Technology to jointly promote the sustainable development of agriculture and the two issues launched, seminars are divided into agricultural resources and sustainable development of agriculture, "going out" two thematic forum, the forum aims to create A agriculture platform. The seminar keynote speeches and seminars section, by both Arab agriculture officials, the two sides have co-chaired by agricultural experts.
The seminar to be invited guests, including Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mauritania, Ghana and other countries and the Minister of Agriculture, envoys of "along the way", "South-South cooperation" framework of national priorities; FAO, the Consultative Group on International Agricultural world officials Bank, Asian Bank and other international organizations and institutions; focus on agricultural cooperation with foreign enterprises, chambers of commerce, association representatives; China - Arab Academy president and experts and scholars, is expected to 250 people, including 90 foreigners.
According to reports, in support of Arab Expo will be held, the International Division of the Ministry of Agriculture will be held around the agricultural sector, agricultural development in our region and do practical activities undertaken efforts to reinforce the foundation of agriculture in our region opening. The Ministry of Agriculture will support the establishment of the Ningxia-Arab agricultural technology transfer training centers, to build China and the Arab countries of agricultural technology research and development, training, exchange and cooperation platform. In addition, around sustainable development of agriculture, the Ministry of Agriculture will give priority to the cycle of about 15 million yuan in agricultural projects in Ningxia first pilot. Ningxia increase agricultural think tank construction, help improve our region's top design, good "Thirteen Five" modern agricultural development planning. The Ministry of Agriculture will be based on the design of A Fair agricultural sector activities, at the International Conference on Integration of the year, external training programs, agriculture, "going out" on the project of Ningxia support and tilt.