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CASTTC Delegation Visits Institutions under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology of Nigeria for Cooperation

Source:casttc Time:2019-12-18 Author:yinjingjing Hits:6498

  On December 18, the delegation of China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center (CASTTC), accompanied by Mr. Mohammed Yaro, Deputy Director of Raw Material Research and Development Council (RMRDC), visited the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion, National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure, and National Automobile Design and Development Council for exchange and matchmaking. The delegation had in-depth discussions with all the above institutions upon how to carry out practical science and technology cooperation in accordance with each institution’s functions and responsibilities. In response to different cooperative demands, Mr. Li Guofeng, Director General of CASTTC shared the experience of China and Ningxia in promoting the optimization of technology transfer and commercialization system, industrialization of scientific research achievements, construction of science parks, and co-establishment of energy automobile research center. He also gave an introduction to China’s programs for talent exchanges, such as training workshops hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Talented Young Scientists Program. He emphasized that both sides shall put into place the functions and effect of the Nigerian Working Base of the China-Arab States Technology Transfer Collaborative Network, which depends on the RMRDC, to promote the cooperation between the institutions and CASTTC to form a highly effective mechanism to achieve win-win result.

  There are 17 parastatal institutions under direct management of Federal Ministry of Science and Technology of Nigeria in charge of the development of raw materials, technology transfer, automobile design and R&D, technology engineering infrastructure, etc.. They are inter-dependent and independent institutions, whose collaboration will facilitate the functions of the working base to promote science and technology exchange and development between the two countries.

Deputy Director ofNational Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion Mr.Adamu Tandama met with the delegation.

Director General of National Automobile Design and Development Council, Mr. Jelani Aliyu held a meeting with the delegation.

Ms. Nony Onyechi, Policy and Planning Division Chief of National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure welcomed the delegation.