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The Financing Study Tour for SME Unit at the Egyptian Banking Institute Starts in Beijing

Source:casttc Time:2019-11-04 Author:jiafang Hits:6671

  In order to promote mutual exchanges between the Chinese and Egyptian governments and high-level people in the financial sector, and further promote the solid progress of the China-Egypt co-construction of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and deepen pragmatic cooperation, the Bank of Egypt's SME Financial Business Training Workshop hosted by the Science and Technology Department of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center (CASTTC), co-organized by the Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) and the Beijing Academy of Information Technology for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation started in Beijing on November 4.

  This training course lasts for 7 days. A total of 17 bank presidents and deputy governors from the Central Bank of Egypt, Egypt Training Institute, Bank of Egypt, Dukar Bank, International Commercial Bank, Blom Bank, and Egypt Export Development Bank participate in the training. The training courses focus on SME loan policies and procedures, risk management, business models, banking products, commercial loan procedures and work processes, successful banking experience of SMEs, and non-financial supporting services for SMEs. The training includes field visits, on-site matchmaking, and topic discussions. Through professional training, the advanced development experience of China's related banking industry and financial institutions in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises can be shared and exchanged with Egypt, and trainees can learn about the policies and business content of SMEs on loans, banking, non-financial services and other related topics.

  This training workshop is the first international training organized by the China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center to be fully funded by the trainees, and is also one of the achievements of CASTTC's previous international training courses. In 2018, when the representative of the Central Bank of Egypt participated in the International Training Workshop on Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship hosted by CASTTC, he raised the demand for the training of financial services for Egyptian banks in China. Since then, the China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center has repeatedly communicated and discussed with many domestic institutions and the Central Bank of Egypt, now eventually finalized the training program.