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Li Yanqing, Vice President of North Minzu University visited CASTTC

Source:original Time:2020-04-02 Author:HaiyangChen Hits:9675

  On the afternoon of April 1st, Li Yanqing, the Vice President of North Minzu University paid a special visit to China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center (the CASTTC). The two sides held a meeting on strengthening cooperation, sharing resources and proactively serving the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

  During the symposium, Li Guofeng, the Director General of the CASTTC, introduced the background of the CASTTC and implementation of relevant international scientific and technological exchanges; he also put forward some suggestions on the cooperation with North Minzu University. Li Yanqing, the Vice President, spoke highly of the CASTTC’s achievements focusing on the construction of technology transfer branches in Arab countries, the establishment of comprehensive information service platform for technology transferand the Technology Transfer Collaborative Network international training held in terms of the developing countries’ technical demand as well as technical cooperation projects. She stressed that the two sides shall strengthen information exchange and make full use of respective advantages to enhance Ningxia’s role in promoting the implementation of the “Belt and Road” Initiative.After in-depth discussion, both sides reached cooperation consensus on establishing comprehensive cooperative relations, applying for foreign science and technology cooperation projects., co-holding international talent training, co-building expert think-tank for technology transfer and using the comprehensive information service platform for China-Arab States technology transfer.

  North Minzu University, directly under the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, is a comprehensive ethnic university, established the School of International Education in 2014, joined the University Alliance of Silk Road in 2015, and received approval of 3 national and regional research centers by the Ministry of Education in 2017. In recent years, the University has signed cooperation agreements with nearly 70 universities and institutions in 30 countries and regions, including the United States, France and Malaysia.