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China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center Successfully Held a Lecture on the Overview of the Host Country of the 5th China-Arab States Expo

Source:原创 Time:2021-02-24 Author:casttc Hits:3148

  On February 23rd, in order to make good preparations for the 5th China-Arab States Expo, and to promote China-Arab States technology transfer work, China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center invited Professor Wei Qirong, Vice President of the Middle East College of Beijing Second Foreign Chinese Institute, to provide a systematic explanation on the geographical location, political situation, economic construction, history and culture, scientific and technological development, characteristic industries, custom and habits of the host country of the 5th China-Arab States Expo. Lectures were conducted online, with nearly 150 people from the region such as foreign affairs offices, science and technology departments, commerce departments, the Expo Bureau, Ningxia University, Northern National University and other relevant units, universities and enterprises in different locations, different positions to participate in the lecture through mobile phones and computers.

  The lecture was the first special event organized by the Ningxia Science and Technology Exchange Center to prepare for the 5th China-Arab States Expo Science and Technology Section. Through participation in the training, we all agreed that the lecture held in a timely and accurate manner, the content of the lecture is closely related to this year's key work, and provided a strong guidance, practically and effectively solved the problem of lack of understanding of the host countries of some units, and led a solid foundation for relevant personnel in the related units to better finish this years’ tasks of hosting a high quality China-Arab States Expo. For the future pragmatic promotion and exchanges and cooperation in various fields, the lecture played an active role.