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Online Technology Promotion Program for Countries Along the "Belt and Road" on Public Safety and Emergency Management



  In the international context of Covid-19 epidemic globalization, the comprehensive capability of national public security and emergency management has become an important reflection of a country's comprehensive national strength. China's experience and capabilities in public safety and emergency management have been gradually recognized by the majority of overseas countries. In order to expand scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation with countries along the "Belt and Road" and increase international attention to the science and technology activities of the Fifth China-Arab States Expo, an online technology promotion meeting is planned to be held in the near future to promote the series of public safety products developed by GSAFETY (The Institute of Public Safety Research at Tsinghua University). GSAFETY is a high-tech enterprise originated from Tsinghua University. Relying on the technical advantages of Tsinghua University Public Security Research Institute, GSAFETY has advanced technologies and products in public safety comprehensive emergency response, monitoring and supervising, prevention and early warning and rescue command. It has extensive application and international cooperation experience in civil air defense, public security fire control, safety supervision, railway transportation, civil administration disaster relief, marine and maritime affairs, electric power supervision, petrochemical industry and other industries. The results have been successfully used in the construction of public safety systems in Ecuador, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, Angola, Laos and other countries. The Institute is willing to seek extensive international cooperation and contribute to the creation of a safer world. (For more information about the technology provider please browse: http://www.gsafety.com/)


  Comprehensive Construction Plan of Smart and Safe City (TBC)

3.Convening Method

  Online conference. The lecturer will introduce the technology in English, using ZOOM software:



  It is planned to be held at 4pm (Beijing Time) of June 23, 2021.


  Government officials from the UAE, Morocco, Egypt and other Belt and Road countries, as well as representatives from related institutions and enterprises in the fields of science and technology, education and research, preferably being invited by Dubai Chamber of Commerce, China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center overseas branches and Morocco MASCIR Foundation.


  Name: XIA Yu (Stephanie)

  Tel: +86 8735165/+86 17795028543

  Email: Stephaniehsia@qq.com

Please fill in the attached form and send back to the above email address before June 20 to let us know you are interested. If you have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.


China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center

                            May 17. 2021

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