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Innovation Training Courses of Ningxia Enterprises Opens in Suzhou

Source:Original Time:2021-05-27 Author:Ma Chengzhong Hits:1366

  On the morning of May 24th, the "Innovation Training Courses of Ningxia Enterprises" sponsored by the Science and Technology Department of Ningxia and hosted by China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center officially started in Suzhou Campus of Southeast University. A total of 60 people attended the training, including more than 40 heads of scientific and technological enterprises and more than 10 cadres of scientific and technological systems.

  This training course is an important activity of the Science and Technology Department of Ningxia on entrepreneurship training in 2021, and it is also a positive measure to help achieving the high-quality development of Ningxia enterprises.

  Since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", the Party Committee of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region has deeply implemented the innovation-driven strategy, and issued a number of major policies with great significance, such as the "30 innovation-driven policies". The main position of enterprise innovation is more prominent, but there are still shortcomings between the high-quality development requirements of the autonomous region. The purpose of holding this training course is to strengthen enterprises' awareness of innovation and development, deepen their understanding of the importance and urgency of innovation and development, and improve their initiative.

  This training was carefully arranged, with special lectures, on-the-spot observation, research teaching and other training forms. It covered three sections: macroeconomic situation and scientific and technological development trend, management innovation of enterprises and Suzhou intellectual manufacturing, innovative thinking under the new technology and environment, which were highly targeted and effective.