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The China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center Successfully Organized an Online Promotion Meeting on Public Safety and Emergency Management Technology

Source:Original Time:2021-06-24 Author:Xia Yu Hits:1949

  On June 23rd, the China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center successfully organized and held an online promotion meeting on public safety and emergency management technology, which was one of the series of activities in the early promotion of the science and technology section of the Fifth China-Arab States Expo. Scholars from Tsinghua University and experts and scholars from Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iraq and other countries had a warm interactive exchange through online meeting.

  At present, the world is in a special period of economic transition, social transition and rapid development, and the public safety situation is becoming increasingly severe. Especially after the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, people begin to pay more attention to public safety and emergency response, and it has become a worldwide proposition to speed up the construction of public safety and emergency management system. Therefore, China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center invited Beijing GSAFETY, a subsidiary company of Tsinghua University Institute of Public Safety, to hold an online promotion meeting for public safety and emergency management products and technologies for Arab countries such as Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Iraq. The meeting has received positive response. Dr. Du Peng, head of Macao Office of GSAFETY introduced the global application and promotion prospects of various platforms and technical products, such as comprehensive emergency command of public safety and emergency management, disaster early warning management, urban pipeline network monitoring, intelligent fire hazard early warning, intelligent traffic management and industrial environment monitoring. The professor of Baghdad University and the head of China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center (Dubai) who attended the meeting showed great interest in the technology. Muhanad Inayeh, director of China-Arab States (Dubai) Technology Transfer Center said that he will further discuss specific cooperation matters with GSAFETY and looking forward to an higher-level "Internet plus Security" matchmaking meeting online or offline during the Fifth China-Arab States Expo.