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Highlights of the 5th China-Arab States Expo---Technology cooperation benefiting more countries and people

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  The Witness’s Narration Narrator: Shi Fuxiang, chief technical expert of Ningxia Tianqi Potato Industry Co., Ltd Speaking of China-Arab States Expo, I can’t help recalling the experience of growing potatoes in Jordan. I’m proud of that.

  In 2015, thanks to the platform of China-Arab States Expo, China-Arab Technology Transfer Center was established. We have witnessed greater breakthrough in the agricultural science and technology field. Besides, Tianqi Potato Industry has also undertaken potato technology transfer projects targeting Arab countries. In 2016, appointed by China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center, my colleagues and I went to Jordan to implement potato technology transfer project.

  When I arrived at the Khalid company, what I saw made me worried: they planted 1800 mu of potatoes. However, due to the old mechanical equipment, high temperature and humidity of soil and immature virus-free technology, the decay rate of seed potatoes was as high as 30%, and the output could not go up.

  At the beginning, there were some obstacles in our communication with Khalid company, and the application and promotion of technology was not as smooth as expected. Therefore, we put emphasis on the renovation machinery, and successively purchased equipment and accessories such as diaphragm pump, medicine tank and water pipe from China and other countries to help them increase the quantity of products. Gradually, mutual trust was built. Khalid company agreed to take out 300 mu of land for experimental demonstration and apply our technology to field operation and management.

  We took measures of seed soaking and furrow application of pesticides to reduce the decay rate of seed potatoes to less than 10% and the emergence rate reached 90%. We used technical means to control the growth of weeds in the field. We also independently designed a pit-digging machine to save water in irrigation and avoid fertilizer loss.

  The day of the first field yield measurement was coming. The results were gratifying: the yield per mu of the demonstration field increased by more than 30% compared with other fields! The head of Khalid company shouted: Chinese experts are excellent!The German experts participating in the technical guidance also acclaimed Chinese experts: "How did you do it?" At the end of 2017 when the project was wrapping up, more than 40 local planting enterprises came and invited us for technical guidance.

  With the local promotion of potato planting technology, Jordan agricultural departments, universities and scientific research institutes became more and more interested in our potato breeding and tissue culture technology, so they organized experts to visit our company and study. The agricultural departments of Egypt and Syria also proposed to cooperate with us in potato breeding. If it hadn’t been for the pandemic, they would have sent experts to Ningxia to study and purchased potato seeds during the 5th China-Arab States Expo.

  Now, although the project is completed, many Jordanian friends often ask me for advice about planting technology. I believe that our technology will benefit more countries and people due to the expanding affect of China-Arab States Expo and Belt and Road construction.