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Science and Technology Innovation Makes a More Brilliant Winter Olympics

Source:Xinhua News Agency Time:2022-02-24 Author:Xinhua News Agency Hits:218

  Science and technology innovation is integrated into the whole process of the Beijing Winter Olympics; the perfect integration of technology and creativity contributes to the magnificence and romance of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics; with a number of pivotal technologies developed and a number of leading-edge technologies as paradigms, “High-tech Winter Olympics” will not only meet the needs of the Beijing Winter Olympics preparation, but also play an active role in the high-quality development of the economy and society ... Recently, the person in charge of the Ministry of Science and Technology told the story on how science and technology innovation supported the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  To Launch the “High-tech Winter Olympics” special project to Provide Technological Support

  Of the Winter Olympic Games, technology has become a major highlight, attracting extensive attention from the society. In 2016, under the coordination of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the Ministry of Science and Technology, together with the General Administration of Sport of China, Beijing Municipality, Hebei Province and other relevant departments and localities, formulated the “High-tech Winter Olympics (2022) Action Plan”. The key tasks are designed in eight aspects: zero-emission energy, green travel, 5G sharing, smart viewing, sports technology, clean environment, safety and international cooperation.

  In response to the major scientific and technological needs of the Winter Olympics, the Ministry of Science and Technology has set up and implemented the “High-tech Winter Olympics” special programs under the framework of the National Key Research and Development Program. On the one hand, Beijing and Hebei Province gathered local technological forces to actively undertake the national key R & D programs. On the other hand, they set up provincial science and technology programs for the Winter Olympics. The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has formulated the Implementation Plan for the Key Programs of the High-tech Winter Olympics to promote the application of the programs’ achievements in major sections of the Winter Olympics. The State General Administration of Sports studied and proposed the scientific and technological needs for participation and other aspects, and actively promoted the application of the achievements in training and competition of the national teams.

  In order to gather the strength of all parties and accelerate the implementation of the “Action Plan”, the Ministry of Science and Technology, with relevant departments and local municipality, under the coordination of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, has set up a leading group on “High-tech Winter Olympics” to secure the organization and mechanism for the overall and inter-departmental work of “High-tech Winter Olympics”.

  Zhu Xuehua, Director of Department of Science and Technology for Social Development of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that with the support of various departments and local municipality, researchers of scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises have worked together to implement the “High-tech Winter Olympics” R & D programs, which integrates the application of our country’s scientific and technological achievements in related fields over the years, providing scientific and technological support for a better game.

  212 Technologies Applied to the Beijing Winter Olympics

  In 2017, “High-tech Winter Olympics” special programs was set up under the framework of the national key R & D programs. Huang Jing, Director of the Administrative Center for China’s Agenda 21, introduced that the program is oriented to the actual needs of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and deploys scientific research tasks focusing on five major sections: organization, participation, spectating, safety and demonstration.

  The organization refers to tasks of venue construction, meteorological forecast, smart commuting, torch design, opening and closing ceremony, operating conduction, carbon neutrality, etc.. The participation includes tasks focusing on effective training, optimization of athletes’ skills, physical training and training monitoring, construction of training bases, high-performance competition equipment and clothing, etc.. The spectating involves such tasks as”5G+8K”, cloud broadcasting platform, VR viewing, intelligent voice services, etc.. The safety focuses on operation and maintenance of the venues, operation of devices, food safety, medical security, epidemic prediction and response, etc.. The demonstration is the integrated application of new technologies including hydrogen-consuming travel, unmanned driving, 100% clean electricity, intelligent robots, and barrier-free services in the Winter Olympic.

  Huang Jing noted, “High-tech Winter Olympics” launched 80 scientific research programs with a total of 212 technologies applied in the Beijing Winter Olympics, which powerfully supported the “conciseness, safety and brilliance” of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  More than 500 Institutions and over 10,000 Researchers Involved in R & D

  Through the “High-tech Winter Olympics” program, China has mastered a number of pivotal technologies, demonstrated a number of leading-edge technologies, applied a number of green low-carbon technologies, and built a number of demonstration projects.

  As Zhu Xuehua introduced, the technological achievements involving more than 500 institutions and over 10,000 researchers were applied in test games, athletes training, official games and on key scenes including venues, operation, conduction, security, medical care, meteorology, traffic, broadcasting, spectating, etc..

  The “High-tech Winter Olympics” will not only meet the major scientific and technological needs for the Beijing Winter Olympics, but also play an active role in high-quality economic and social development.

  “On the one hand, the increased investment in the R & D of equipment such as snow-pressing vehicles, snow-making machines, skiing boards, ice skates and other equipment, has improved the independent R & D and supply capacity of ice and snow sports equipment, and promoted popularization and industrial development of ice and snow sports; on the other hand, by scaling up the demonstration and application of 5G, hydrogen travelling, intelligent vehicle networking, 100% clean electricity and other cutting technologies in the Winter Olympics the growth of such industries as 5G communication, green travel and zero-emission energy will also be promoted.” Zhu Xuehua said.