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Agency Introduction

Neweast Network International Pte Ltd was founded in 2011; Registered Place:Singapore, with the registered capital of 26 million 600 thousand dollars. Our business covers the fields of development of the Internet TechnologyInformation consulting service; not including Securities advisory services, wholesale and retail of communication equipment and electronic products. We focus on the four following business: Smart Card, cross-border ecommerce, Investment and Financing and the software outsourcing service. We provide services to customers of industries within and outside of China.

Our parent company is Newdoone Science &Technology Co.,Ltd,; its registered capital is four hundred and fifty-five million and five hundred thousand RMB. The company committed to provide customers with ‘Internet+’ overall solution planning, construction and operative service; and it also provides government and enterprises with informationization solutions. The company is one of the largest electronic channel planning, construction and operation service providers. The company has a number of software core technology, the products covers the field of communication industry, smart companies, wisdom education, intelligent transportation, intelligent finance, e-commerce and Internet operations. The business covers many areas such as China mainland, HK, Taiwan and Singapore. With the integration of large data, cloud computing, communication, networking, block chain technology and the implementation of the national ‘Internet plus’ action plan, it provides the government, enterprises and institutions with Internet and networking solutions through a number of business groups, to achieve the transition to the Internet and networking operators.

The subsidiary Fujian New Doone Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd  mainly involves in the communications industry, the automotive industry, medical equipment and other industries. It will keep expanding in many other industry sectors such as engineering machinery, water, electricity, environmental protection, commercial property, second-hand car, machinery manufacturing, new energy, textile, printing, FMCG goods and so on. It will mainly based on direct lease, combined with the vendor leasing and sale-leaseback supplement to carry out the business.

In the future, the Neweast Network International Pte Ltd will always follow the motto of the parent company, seize the opportunity, face with the challenge, and make a contribution to the society and make it more convenient and wonderful.

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