On 5 June 2014, President Xi Jinping at the sixth session of the Arab Ministerial cooperation at the opening ceremony of the forum proposed "both sides could discuss the establishment of Arab technology transfer center of important initiatives, China Ministry of science and technology of China immediately launched a established Arab technology transfer center and science and Technology Partnership Plan Deployment, and in January 2015 decided by Ningxia integrated national science and technology innovation factors and technical resources, leading the construction of China Arab countries technology transfer center.

According to the Ministry of science and technology Chinese signed with the Arabia State Secretariat of the League of the spirit of the memorandum, the two sides will cooperate to build CASTTC. National Science and technology department and the Ningxia district government commissioned by the Ningxia science and Technology Agency as the CASTTC construction units and the Chinese executive body. The Arab League Secretariat commissioned Arab technology and Maritime University executive agencies as the Arab League CASTTC responsible for build CASTTC and related protocol implementation. Both sides of the Arab executive agency through jointly organized the implementation of "China Arab partnership of science and technology, contact guide in China and Arab countries to carry out scientific and technological cooperation and technology transfer, China and Arab countries to promote the establishment of bilateral technology transfer center.