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Multi-point Telemedicine Platform
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Region:China  Sichuan

Telemedicine is a new medical mode combined with modern communication technology and medical technology. It is of great significance to solve the uneven distribution of medical resources, reduce the time and money costs of patients, prevent delayed diagnosis and promote the overall development of regional medical level. On January 4, 2018, the National Health Commission issued the action planning for further improvement of medical services 2018-2020, which clearly requires the implementation of telemedicine system in the whole country and calls for the full coverage of telemedicine by all medical cooperatives in the country. Ultrasonic examination has the advantages of wide application range, no radiation, low cost, and is the most important tool for clinical diagnosis in primary hospitals. In the other hand, the number of experienced ultrasonic doctors and sonographers is absolutely insufficient and the distribution is unevenwhich often leads to the failure of timely diagnosis of patients in primary hospitals. As an important part of telemedicine, ultrasound teleconsultation can effectively improve the diagnosis capacity of primary hospitals, especially in remote areas.

Duke ultrasound tele-consultation system is a real-time audio and video remote interactive system based on ultrasonic coding network technology developed by Sichuan multi-touch medical technology co., LTD. which owns completely independent intellectual property rights. This system consists of software and hardware, could be operated in mobile way. It is mainly designed for primary hospitals with insufficient ultrasonic diagnosis capacity and large hospitals requiring multi-scenario ultrasonic operation. Based on advanced technologies, low construction cost, cross-brand system compatibility and professional medical services, Duke ultrasound system has received wide appreciation and cooperated with more than 60 medical institutions, by which more than 8,000 consultations has been completed within 1.5 years. AI diagnosis system has been developed by our team. 

Compared with conventional ultrasonic consultation system, our system has the following competitive advantages: 1) Advanced real-time and lossless transmission technology of audio and video: synchronous transmission of HD 720P video and high-quality audio has been realized under weak network environment with less than 200ms end-to-end delay. Network dynamic optimization can resist 800ms network jitter and provide smooth conmmunication when network packet loss rate is up to 30%. 2) Excellent security. With independent system, AES 128-bit asymmetric encryption, self-developed encryption for large data volume, and distributed cloud service, Duke system has high security. 3) Support mobile consultation. The sytem adopts the original system life-saving technology which ensures doctors can work online in real-time way under unstable network environment with a cellphone, and directly participate in a remote consultation with wifi or 4G network. 4) Cross-brand compatibility. Duke system is compatible with different brands of ultrasound equipment with various interfaces in the market. 5) Simple and quick to use. 6). Complete functions. In addition to tele-consultation, Duke can also be used as an independent mobile ultrasound workstation to synchronously store inspection records and edit as well as print the reports.

     As an effective medical mode to deal with the uneven distribution and of insufficient medical resources , telemedicine represents the future direction of the global healthcare industry, especially in "One Belt And One Road" region. The team of sichuan multi-touch medical technology co., LTD. consists of elite talents in the medical and communication industries. With excellent communication technology and reliable medical service, the company has become one of the high-quality enterprises specialized in the research and development of regional telemedicine platform, and has established cooperative relations with more than 300 hospitals in China. Our products include Duke ultrasound tele-consultation system, tele-ECG system, intelligent operating room monitoring system and regional tele-medical platform solution, which has provided stable tele-consultation services under complex communication network of earthquake relief and remote areas. Duke ultrasonic remote consultation system is one of the most advanced and widely used products with good reputation. "One Belt And One Road" with a large population covers a wide area, and has a great difficulty for health care. The development of telemedicine in "One Belt And One Road" will help China's medical industry go abroad and promote path-leading cooperation and south-south cooperation. It is an important content to expand China’ national soft power and promote "One Belt And One Road" economic cooperation.

According to the Memorandum of understanding between the ministry of science and technology of China and the ministry of higher education and scientific research of Egypt on the establishment of joint funding scheme for scientific and technological cooperation, The Key Program of Intergovernmental International Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation in 2019 is under the application. We hope that the research institutions of China and Egypt will apply for scientific research funding together, and study on the application in telemedicine service and AI ultrasonic diagnosis in Egypt by our software and technology solutions based on the Duke system.

This program is planned to support 10 projects with a total of 13 million yuan. The process for applying for the project is as follows:

1) Find the institutes interested in the same field in our two countries.

2) Two institutes signed a cooperation agreement.

3) Individually apply to their own government for the project.


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