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Infrared and Multispectral Fusion Technology
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Industry:Equipment manufacturing
Region:China  Shanghai

Project Name: Infrared and Multispectral Fusion Technology

Project Owner: Shanghai LEXVU Microelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Project Profile: IRF-16 is a thermal imager with double channels of infrared and low light. It adopts infrared and low-light technology to image under different wavelengths, and synchronously detects the two-dimensional geometric space and the single-dimensional lightspectrum information of the targets, and then uses a particular image processing algorithm to analyze and deal with the multi-band images, making full use of the valuable information in their channels to enhance the information utilization. The product is capable of detection and imaging at night, days of rain and fog, and days of winds and sands, etc. It is a prior choice for outdoor activities, military guards, security personnel and hunters.

IRF-17 is a dual-band fusion thermal imager. It adopts infrared and low-light fusion, and combines their own advantages. As a result, the imaging resolution ratio is higher, and the single object is much easily recognized. Besides, the deficiency that the single infrared can not transmit the glass is resolved. Meanwhile, the imager has a newly-added function of fusion focus, which can magnify a single point and keep a very high definition.

IR-35 is a binocular handheld thermal imager. It uses amorphous silicon detector,with a resolution of 640×480, pixel size of 17μm, no shutter technology, with laser ranging function, lens focal length optional 35mm , 60mm and 75mm, frame rate 50Hz, imaging screen clear and smooth.


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