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Application and Demonstration of Photovoltaic Aquaponic Technology
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Industry:Modern Agriculture
Region:China  Ningxia

Ningxia Yinong Investment and Consulting Co., Ltd., founded in 2016 with a registration capital of 10 million yuan, boasts development of photovoltaic aquaponic system, scientific popularization and education, land transfer and facility agriculture development as it main businesses. By now, the company has invested over 5 million yuan into R&D and reaped  multiple awards and achievements. The company owns two aquaponic production bases featuring integration of the first, second and tertiary industry and a new mode of triple-functional land use for facility agriculture.

Photovoltaic Aquaponic Technology, targeting the solutions to the existing problems in aquaculture, such as eutrophication,water quality deterioration, water waste,  soild and water pollution resulted from random discharge of tail water  and ecological imbalance, consisting of water circulation system, water quality controlling system and facility environment regulation system. Three aquaponic production modes have been independently developed: 1. Direct aquaponic production; 2. Closed-loop aquaponic production; 3. Open-loop aquaponic production. The technology, organically combining horticultural crop planting with aquaculture (mainly fish),  is  a production mode of facility agriculture featuring low carbon, environmental friendliness, ecological circulation and  dimensions. The application of this technology is conducive to reducing the use of fertilizer, medicine and water to a large extent, and improving economic, social and ecological benefits.

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