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Phased-array Imaging Detecting Equipment
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Industry:Equipment manufacturing
Region:China  Hubei

Project Name: Phased-array Imaging Detecting Equipment

Project Owner: Wuhan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Chinese Academy of Sciences

Project Profile: HS PA20 series ultrasonic phased-array detecting equipment applies the principle of phase adjustment of wave physics to control the displacement, deflection and focal point of the acoustic beam automatically by exerting different time delays to elements of the array probe when it is transmitting or receiving the acoustic wave. This kind of phased-array ultrasonic detecting equipment integrates various functions such as the phased array, TOFD and A-scanning, and it is capable of generating multi-view imaging (including A, B, C, D, L, S and 3D imaging). This equipment can be compatible with a maximum of 128-element array probes. It is also equipped with many high-end functions such as the TRL mode, CAD model import, acoustic beam coverage and simulation, visually focused sound ray, hybrid sound velocity calibration, coupled inspection and targeted display. This kind of detecting equipment has various advantages including the small volume, simple operation, rich model and visual detection and imaging, which makes it widely popular in field detections of the butt-joint welding seam, welding seam of TKY connections, welding seam of tube sockets, welding seam of composite materials, welding seam of PE tubes, as well as the friction stir welding seam, fibre-glass wind turbine blade, fastening bolt, crankshaft and cellular materials.


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