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Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Detecting Equipment
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Industry:Equipment manufacturing
Region:China  Hubei

Project Name: Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Detecting Equipment

Project Owner: Wuhan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Chinese Academy of Sciences

Project Profile: Electromagnetic ultrasonic detecting equipment achieves the nondestructive testing of workpieces by applying the transduction principle of electricity, magnetism and sound to activate and receive the ultrasonic wave. This kind of detecting equipment is superior to ordinary ultrasonic detectors. On one hand, it not only requires no coupling during the inspection process, but also has many advantages in terms of wear-resistant coating, rust resistance and high-temperature resistance. On the other hand, the electromagnetic ultrasonic detecting equipment can generate ultrasonic waves with different modalities, including the high-frequency guided wave, low-frequency guided wave, and transverse wave. HS900 electromagnetic ultrasonic detecting equipment is integrated and portable, which is easy to carry and suitable for field work. When this equipment is set under the low-frequency guided wave mode, the detection range can be as far as 300 meters and the detection precision can be 3% of cross-section damages. Therefore, this kind of detecting equipment has been widely used to detect the corrosion of the internal and external surface of oil-conveying pipes and gas pipelines within the petroleum & petrochemical sector, underground wire ropes of the electric system, stayed cables of bridges, and rails. When this equipment is set under the high-frequency mode, various functions such as the guided wave, oblique incidence of transverse wave and thickness measurement will be also available for use. What’s more, the detection temperature can be as high as 600℃, and the precision of thickness measurement can reach 0.01mm. Consequentially, this kind of detecting equipment has been widely used for the monitoring of in-service high temperature systems, and the high-end, stable and automatic detection of steel panels and steel tubes.


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