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Laser Surface Treatment Equipment
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Industry:Equipment manufacturing
Region:China  Shanxi

Project Name: Laser Surface Treatment Equipment

Project Owner: Xi'an Besame Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Project Profile: Laser Surface Treatment Equipment is mainly used in laser cladding technology and laser surface heat treatment technology. It has high power and flexibilityand it can achieve site maintenance. The equipment is mainly used in mining machinery, metallurgy, electric power, aircraft and automobile industry. Using the equipment can replace traditional electroplating hard chromium technology, can substitute traditional high frequency quenching technology, and the production environment is clean and energy consumption is low.


Contact Person: Niu Pengyun

Phone Number: 18709188957

contacts:Xu Duohang
Contact phone:09518735160
contact via mail:casttc_admin@163.com
OnlineQQ:click here
Organization Address:宁夏银川市金凤区新昌西路紫荆花商务中心B座四楼 check the map
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