China Arab States Technology Transfer Center

IoT technology in agriculture exported to the UAE

Supplier:West China Electronic Business Co. of Ningxia
Demander:China-Arab States (Dubai) Technology Transfer Center
Date of connection:2016-02-18

At the recent signing ceremony of the China-Arab States technology transfer project, the China-Arab States Technology Transfer Center (CASTTC), China-Arab States (Dubai) Technology Transfer Center, Ningxia China-Arab States Technology Transfer Development Company and West China Electronic Business Company signed the Agreement for China-Arab States Protected Horticulture and Smart Water-conserving IoT Technology Cooperation and the Construction Agreement for the IoT-applied Project of Protected Agriculture in Dubai respectively, with a total contract value of 12 million yuan. As per the contents of the agreements, the relevant parties will jointly carry out demonstration and promotion of technologies such as protected horticulture and smart water-conserving IoT in Dubai. Accordingly, West China Electronic Business Company will also provide the Dubai counterparts with smart flower cultivation and digital management solutions, and set up the greenhouse data collection system, native environmental monitoring system, digital management system for flowers, video monitoring system and an integrated management exhibition center.

In order to address the scientific and technological needs for the application of IoT put forward by the Dubai Horticulture Department, West China Electronic Business Company, prompted by CASTTC, has developed key technologies and integrated solutions including the applied system of IoT in agriculture, the applied system for protected agriculture management, and the smart water-conserving irrigation system for field crops. The company has also carried out the application and demonstration of the water-conserving smart irrigation management system for date palms and the applied system for the smart management of protected flowers, which were fully recognized by the Dubai side. In October 2015, the applied solution of IoT for protected horticulture provided by West China Electronic Business Company for the Dubai Horticulture Department has been submitted to the local government for approval.

The signing also marks a promising success of the trial and demonstration of IoT technology in agriculture applied in the date palm industry in the UAE (Dubai), and lays a solid foundation for the transfer, transformation and promotion of such technology in relevant Arab states in the future.