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Comprehensive Development and Utilization of the Amygdalus Pedunculata Pall

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Project Name: Comprehensive Development and Utilization of the Amygdalus Pedunculata Pall

Project Owner: Yulin Shamo-Wang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Project Profile: The amygdalus pedunculata pall has become an eco-economic tree species with great potential for development because of its strong adaptability, rich nutrient composition of nucleolus and various processing uses. At present, amygdalus pedunculata pall seeds can be used to prepare edible oil. And the technology of comprehensive development and utilization of oil is already mature. In addition, the processing technologies of amygdalus pedunculata pall by-product protein powder, amygdalin, activated carbon and blending oil have been successfully developed and tested. The research and development of amygdalus pedunculata pall edible oil, biodiesel, essential oil, molecular-sieve type activated carbon and other products have also made important progress. The seedling-raising technology of amygdalus pedunculata pall has matured. Our company has initially bred excellent varieties with large fruit, high oil content and high yield. Amygdalus pedunculata palls have great potential for development in Northwest China and many Arab countries.

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