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Honey evaporation utilization project

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Ningxia NATURAL Honey PRODUCT Technology and Development Co., Ltd.,The company has invested 6 million yuan to complete the construction of the first phase of the project, vacuum blowing film, honey evaporation production line, and successfully tested in May 2004. The company has mature processing technology conditions and a number of strong technical strength of the domestic industry reputation of professional and technical personnel. Product quality implementation of strict tracking system, from the source, strictly control unqualified raw materials into the factory, from raw materials into the factory to the product factory after five times as many as hundreds of project inspection, it is through such strict quality control, so that the company produced "ten Li flower" brand bee products to win the domestic market in the region and surrounding provinces. At present, "Shilihua" honey has occupied more than 50% of the Ningxia bee product market, and has expanded to the surrounding markets with a good momentum, becoming one of the Ningxia bee product logo brands. It is also the enterprise to implement strict quality management and product quality assurance, "ten Li flower" bee products since the second half of 2003 best-selling international market, has been exported to Japan, Australia, Singapore, India, Spain, Canada, South Korea and other places nearly 1,000 tons of honey, get a good response from customers, and continue to have new customer orders, There is a good trend that the product is in short supply.




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